Pricing and Features
of netfiles data room solutions

Logo netfiles

netfiles Business

Data room for secure data exchange

Perfect for smaller companies, freelancers, project teams or agencies

  • For a minimum of 5 users
  • From 50,– EUR ¹ per month for 5 users (10,– EUR per user/month)
  • Free support per e-mail

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Logo netfiles Business Plus

netfiles Business Plus

Data room for secure, compliant, cross-location and cross-company 
data exchange

Perfect for medium-sized and larger companies, law firms, real estate managers, controlling bodies and international project teams

  • For a minimum of 10 users
  • Advanced security features
  • Enhanced data room functionality
  • Individualization with your own company logo and color scheme
  • From 150,– EUR ¹ per month for 10 users (15,– EUR per user/month)
  • Free support per e-mail and telephone

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Logo netfiles Deal Room

netfiles Deal Room

Data room for secure and efficient transactions

Perfect for due diligence, company/property sales

  • For a minimum of 10 users
  • Advanced security features
  • Specific data room functionality
  • Individualization with your own company logo and color scheme
  • From 200,– EUR ¹ per month for 10 users (20,– EUR per user/month)
  • Free support per telephone and e-mail

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Logo netfiles Enterprise

netfiles Enterprise

Data room environment for the simultaneous operation of several data rooms

Flexible set up and central administration of several data rooms, with extensive customization options.

  • Operate multiple data rooms in one administration environment
  • Manage users centrally for all data rooms
  • Extensive customization options
  • Individualization with your own company logo and color scheme in data room and e-mails
  • Pricing on request

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¹ All prices are quoted excluding statutory value-added tax and for a 6-month billing cycle. For data rooms with 20 or more users, the price per user is reduced.

Different subscription periods available.

For data rooms with more than 20 users, reduced prices per user apply. You can buy additional
user licenses at any time in packages of 5 users each and flexibly expand your storage space.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


  Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Number of users* from 5 from 10 from 10 as required
Storage space from 500 GB from 1000 GB from 1000 GB as required
No restriction on the number of documents and/or pages within the storage space limit
Availability > 99.9%
Available languages: German, English

Service & Support

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Automatic software updates
Free e-mail and telephone support
Free telephone support for setup and administration of the data room  
Online HelpCenter
Introduction to using netfiles documentation
Audit-proof archiving of the data room on storage media and dispatch to project participants   optional, for a fee optional, for a fee optional, for a fee

Document Management

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Project and directory structure can be defined freely
Preview of documents in the browser
Detailed access rights to folders and files (download and edit authorizations are kept separate)
Additional access right "View only" to folders and files   ✓*
Document approval (principle of dual control)   ✓*
Upload with drag & drop
Bulk upload (multiple file upload)
List, collapsible list and thumbnail view
Edit MS Office documents in the browser
Versioning with check in/check out
Automatic notification
Personal labels
Group labels   ✓*
Mark unread documents
Recycle bin

User Management

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Individual user invitation
Any number of user groups
Assign users to any required groups
User access temporally restrictable   ✓*
User setup with later invitation
User import via csv file
User specific feature activation
User specific visibility of other users


Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Audit proof report of all activities (logfiles)
User specific activity report
User activity   ✓*
User group activity   ✓*
Data room index (list of all folders and files)
List of all users
Q&A list     ✓*
New/changed files
Last used files
Unread documents
Export data and logfiles
Export data room index
Export user specific data room index   ✓*

Secure File Sharing - Managed File Transfer

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Send and receive large documents (up to 4 GB)
Secure file sharing (send and receive) between netfiles users and external business partners / customers
Generate download link for use in your own e-mail client
Encrypted data transfer
Additional password protection   ✓*
Confirmation of receipt   ✓*

Enhanced data room functionality

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Index upload     ✓*
Automatic indexing     ✓*
Can disallow print and download actions  
Personalised watermark for document-security     ✓*
Extended access right - Download protected PDF file  
Data room status (preparation, open, closed)     ✓*
Customisable disclaimer     ✓*
Expiry date for documents  
Q&A functionality     ✓*
Q&A forwarding of questions to experts     ✓*
Q&A workflow (incl. gatekeeper and Q&A admin roles)     ✓*
Q&A export of questions and answers     ✓*


Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Two-factor authentication (login verification by text message/SMS or OTP app)   ✓*
Password guidelines   ✓*
Encrypted data transfer using 256-bit SSL/TLS  and perfect forward security
Encrypted data storage (AES-256-encryption)
Virus scanner
State-of-the-art security systems provide multi-layered firewalls and intrusion prevention system
Daily data backup
Data mirroring to backup data center


Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Commenting folders and files


Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Individual user interface appearance that can be adapted to suit corporate identity   logo and colors logo and colors logo, colors, e-mail (customized CSS)
Individual login page (integration of data room login on own website)  

Mobile access

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Access via mobile browser
netfiles iPad App


Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
WebDAV   ✓*
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)   ✓*
Single Sign-on (SSO)       ✓*
netfiles API for automated data synchronization   ✓*
API calls per month   50.000 50.000 100.000

Company-Wide Administration

Business Business Plus Deal Room Enterprise
Creation, administration and deletion of data rooms by the customer      
Central Enterprise level user management      
Simultaneous deletion of individual user accounts in all data rooms      
Central location for resetting passwords      
Blacklists for e-mail domains      
Regular verification of external e-mail addresses      
Automatic deactivation/deletion of user accounts due to inactivity      
Automatic synchronization of user accounts with a central location (CSV or XML file)      
Definition of the user interface for all data rooms      
Configuration of user interface for all data rooms with customer specific CSS      
Configuration of default settings for new data rooms      
SingleSignOn Integration      

* Depending on the selected Enterprise version

Extend as required
You can hire additional user licenses whenever you require. They will be available immediately and are calculated exactly from that day for the rest of the billing cycle.

Subscription periods
You can subscribe to netfiles Business for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can subscribe to netfiles Deal Room for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Answers to your most important questions

A virtual data room is an Internet-based application that provides secure, location-independent access to confidential documents. Virtual data rooms are primarily used for due diligence purposes, but also for cross-company and cross-location data exchange.

In the netfiles data room, your data is protected by 256-bit encryption, both during storage and transmission.

Your data will only be stored in highly secure, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in Germany.

Even the lowest priced version of netfiles offers you 100 GB of storage space. You can flexibly expand the storage space at any time.

The netfiles data room is characterized in particular by its ease of use. Users can use netfiles immediately and efficiently without extensive training or instruction.

Furthermore, netfiles GmbH guarantees a reliable protection of your data through the most modern encryption and security technologies.

The netfiles GmbH is a German company and the netfiles servers are located exclusively in highly secure data centers in Germany. We work according to the strict requirements of the data protection guidelines of the EU (GDPR) and the legal regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

netfiles offers you comprehensive support at no additional cost, both for setting up the data room and for using it. Our experts are at your disposal around the clock by telephone or e-mail. With us, you don't end up in a call center, but immediately with a competent contact person who will be happy to help you.

The use cases of data rooms today go far beyond the use in due diligence.

Data rooms function today in a large number of companies, law firms and agencies as a particularly secure solution for data exchange across locations and companies. Whether it's data exchange with branch offices and associated companies, with customers, suppliers and business partners or within project teams working at different locations. Even when working in the home office, the netfiles data room is a secure and quick and easy to use solution for securely exchanging confidential data with company headquarters or business partners and customers.

The virtual data room offers the highest level of data exchange security by encrypting the data during transmission and storage, user-specific access rights, extended document protection and seamless logging of all activities in the data room.

The rental fee for the netfiles data room is calculated according to the number of users planned in the data room. Within the scope of the storage space (>100 GB) you can fill your data room with an unlimited number of pages and documents. Another secondary price parameter is the minimum contract duration.

You can directly create your own netfiles data room here, which is immediately available with full functionality for 14 days free of charge. If you decide for netfiles, we can transfer this data room with all settings and contents to a contract data room in a few minutes.

The netfiles data room can also be set up quickly and easily. You can comfortably create users by uploading a CSV list or individually. You can save folders and files in the netfiles data room in a single step via a ZIP file that is automatically unpacked in netfiles.