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Problems and limitations when exchanging data by e-mail

e-mail is a popular and practical means of communication in everyday business life, but it also has its limitations. If you want to send large or confidential files by e-mail, you may encounter various problems, such as:

  • The files are too large for the e-mail attachment and are rejected or not delivered.

  • The files are not sufficiently protected and can be intercepted, manipulated or stolen by third parties.

  • The files are difficult to manage and organize if you have several recipients or versions. Version chaos quickly arises when exchanging data by e-mail.

These problems can lead to delays, frustration and security risks that you can't afford. That's why you need a better solution for sending large or confidential files: a virtual data room.

A virtual data room is a secure online platform that allows you to share files with others easily and quickly. With a virtual data room you can:

  • Upload and download files of any size and format without worrying about restrictions or loss.

  • Protect files with modern encryption and authentication methods and control the access rights of recipients. You can also protect confidential files with an optional watermark.

  • Clearly structure and categorize files to facilitate collaboration and feedback.

  • Track and monitor files in real time to see and document recipient activity.

A virtual data room is therefore the ideal solution for sharing large or confidential files. It saves you time, money and hassle while keeping your data secure. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a virtual data room, contact us for an initial consultation. We would be happy to advise you. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial right away.