New document/image preview and advanced security functions for netfiles data rooms

Extensive updates to netfiles data and project room solutions available now

Burghausen, August 18, 2015

netfiles GmbH has focused development of the current version of netfiles on making its data and project room solutions more user-friendly and even more secure. An advanced document preview function and a new thumbnail image preview function allow users to read and view text and image files in the data room much faster and more easily. In netfiles, most file formats can be viewed and read conveniently in the web browser, without the need to install extra software. Alongside Office and PDF documents, image files have become the most common file formats used in data and project rooms. Especially in the context of real estate transactions and real estate management, all kinds of photographs are made available and shared. It follows that quick ways of viewing photos saves precious time for potential clients and everyone involved in the process.

The list of login activities also provides netfiles users with a new security function. The list documents all applications (such as web browsers and apps) that have recently been used to access and work with netfiles. Each user can access the list on their personal start page. In addition, users are notified by e-mail if their netfiles account is logged into from an application they have never previously used for this purpose.

Existing 2-factor authentication has been extended in the latest version of netfiles. As a result, 2-factor authentication can now also be chosen as an option solely to validate the use of new applications.

An exclusive feature in netfiles Dataroom is the new document approval function. If this function is activated, documents stored in the data room can only be made visible to other users subject to approval based on the principle of dual control.

netfiles gives companies a secure data transfer facility and a secure, central online document management system, complete with detailed access rights and mobile access options. This cloud-based solution makes it simplicity itself to exchange data within the company or with customers and suppliers, and to set up safe data rooms for M&A projects, due diligence tests, asset transactions, board communication, real estate management and contract management, for example.

About netfiles GmbH

With more than 20 years of experience, netfiles GmbH is one of the first and leading providers of virtual data rooms. netfiles enables companies to securely exchange data and provide centralized, secure online document management with location-independent access and detailed read and write access rights. With the cloud solution, data can be easily exchanged within the company or with customers and suppliers and secure data rooms can be set up for due diligence and meeting management (board communication).

Companies can test the netfiles data room free of charge and without obligation for 14 days:

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