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easy-to-use functionality

netfiles places extensive functionality at your fingertips in a flexible and exceptionally user-friendly web application. netfiles ensures the secure exchange of files and protects access to confidential information, but also makes project collaboration more efficient and smooths the flow of information. Share, manage and edit documents as a team, with your business partners or customers. Safe and particularly easy to use.

A detailed overview of the functions of the various netfiles data room solutions can be found here.

Share documents and always have access

Datenraum Inhalte organisieren

Publish and organize content
Using a simple menu or drag&drop, upload individual files or whole folders to the data room, directly in the browser and using an SSL-encrypted connection. Within the folder structure, organize your files however you require and change this structure as often as you need to.

Datenraum Suchfunktion

Don't search, find!
Even with a large number of files you will always find the document you are looking for. Just like on your PC, you can navigate through the clearly laid-out folder structure, or enter a search term or tag and use the integrated search engine to find all relevant documents.

Upload drag & drop

File upload
Upload files from your computer to the team room with a simple menu or using drag&drop.

Multi Upload

Multi file upload
Upload multiple files or whole directory trees quickly and easily.


Quick preview
Use the document viewer to open and view all standard document formats before download - directly in the browser.

Datenraum Zugriffsrechte

Access rights
Specify in detail which users and groups can read, modify, download, print or even see documents.


Different versions of a document are automatically managed by the application. Checkin and checkout actions protect the document in the editing phase.

Online bearbeiten

Edit documents online
Using the integrated LibreOffice (Collabora) functionality, view or modify Office documents directly in the browser, if desired.

Online bearbeiten

Create private annotations, such as comments, notes, or markups in documents. Directly in the document preview in the netfiles data room.


Redact sensitive, confidential content in documents directly in the netfiles data room to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Secure file sharing

Sicherer Datenaustausch

Secure data transfer
The integrated Managed File Transfer function lets you securely send even large files to business partners and customers outside of netfiles.


SSL encryption provides greater security than most e‑mail programs for the transmission and receipt of data.

Grosse Dateien senden

Large file transfer
Thanks to the integrated Managed File Transfer function, large files can be transferred without difficulty using netfiles. Files of up to 4 GB can be sent and received with ease. Never again will you have to worry about size constraints for e‑mails and attachments!

Einfachste Bedienung

Absolute ease of use
A modern, intuitive user interface makes sending files easier than ever. netfiles lets you work as you would in your normal e‑mail program. You don't even need to install any software: A web browser is all you need to send and receive data.


Acknowledgment of receipt
Acknowledgment of receipt gives you certainty that sent documents have indeed reached the intended recipient(s).


Password protection
You can define a password to ensure even greater protection for transferred files.


Expiry date
Simply define an expiry date defining how long a file is to remain available to the recipient. Alternatively, set a limit on the number of downloads.


netfiles Videokonferenz

Video conferencing
Conduct video conferences (online meetings) directly from netfiles with data room users. Privacy compliant, reliable and easy to use.


Wiki documents
Wiki documents allow users to create team project notes and offer a space for collecting ideas or documentation.


Tasks and appointments
Tasks and appointments help you to steer the progress of your project, with the help of automatic email notifications and transfer to Outlook.

Automatische Benachrichtigung

Automatic notification
All team members are notified by e‑mail when content in the data room is added or modified.

Ordner kommentieren

Folder and files comments
Users can comment on folders and files, depending on the administrator settings. This way you can quickly and easily answer questions or discuss files.

Mobile, operating system-independent access

Browser support

Windows, Mac or Linux
netfiles supports all standard web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome und Apple Safari. Users do not need any additional software.

netfiles mobile App

netfiles mobile app (tablet)
The netfiles mobile app for iOS and Android tablets gives you easy and secure mobile access to your netfiles data room. You can open and read documents such as Microsoft Office files, PDF files and images in the app itself. Depending on your level of authorization, you can also store files securely in the netfiles app and read them offline. The netfiles mobile app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Administration & Customizing


User administration
Administrators can create new users and organize them in groups.

Anpassbarkeit des Erscheinungsbildes

Customized UI
Company logos, freely defined colors, and individual icons can all be used to design the user interface for the data room and make sure it is in line with your company's corporate design. netfiles Professional and Enterprise also offer you the possibility to integrate the data room login on your own website.


International support
English or German - International team members can work with netfiles in English.

Datenraum Export

Export of all data, activity logs and data room index in an open file format.

Angebote und Preise netfiles Datenraum

netfiles Professional
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