Secure File Sharing

The safe and easy to use alternative to e‑mail, FTP and Dropbox or other cloud storage provider


Send files securely and in compliance with data protection regulations to business partners and customers. With the Managed File Transfer functionality integrated in netfiles, you can also send files securely to external parties outside the data room without the recipients needing a user account in netfiles. Secure file transfer (Managed File Transfer) via netfiles is as easy to use as your e-mail inbox, while meeting the highest security requirements for exchanging confidential information. Features such as confirmation of receipt, expiration date for the availability of sent files, additional password protection and an activity log give you additional security and full control at all times when exchanging data.

Even the transfer of very large files up to 4 GB is no problem with the integrated Managed File Transfer functionality of netfiles. For larger files and data volumes, you can create users in the netfiles data room and set them individual access rights (view, download, edit).

Secure file-sharing for business

netfiles is the ideal enterprise file sharing solution for companies, agencies, lawyers, consultants, medical practices and hospitals. Protect confidential and business-critical data from cybercrime and industrial espionage with netfiles' virtual data room. Data is not only encrypted during transfer but also during storage in the data room with AES-256.

Made in Europe - GDPR compliant

The background of a German provider that is subject to strict European data protection regulations and hosting in highly secure data centers located exclusively in Germany guarantee the highest level of data protection.

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What is a data room?

What is a data room and what are data rooms used for?

Learn more about the background of data rooms and their use cases in companies, law firms and in project teams here.

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