Client communication

Client communication and data exchange


For the exchange of confidential documents between lawyers, tax advisors, auditors or management consultants and clients, the netfiles data room offers a highly secure and very easy-to-use solution.

Quick and easy setup without involving the IT department

No software installation is required to use netfiles (neither on the lawyer/consultant side nor on the client side), a web browser is sufficient. Using netfiles is similar to the Windows file manager and no training is required to set up and use the netfiles data room.

Highest security for your and your clients' data

All documents are 256-bit encrypted both during transmission and storage in the data room. Easy to set up access rights allow you to decide whether documents may only be viewed or downloaded by the client or whether they may also be edited and uploaded. As a lawyer or consultant, you also always have reliable proof that documents have been securely provided to clients and you can check if documents have already been read or downloaded if necessary.

Efficient and secure data exchange

With netfiles, your clients will be able to securely exchange important documents with you. For example, clients can securely send you countersigned contracts, receipts for tax returns, e.g. Data protection and the highest level of data security are always guaranteed.

For an optimal overview, you can create a separate folder with various subfolders for each client in netfiles and set up individual access rights for them. This way, you and your team in the office always have access to all relevant documents for a client - even while on the road. Set up write permissions for your client in a subfolder and you have a secure and clear alternative to exchange files by e-mail. Problems with version chaos in documents e-mailed back and forth, unreliability in e-mail delivery and lack of GDPR compliance are a thing of the past with netfiles.

The netfiles data room offers your law firm the highest level of security and GDPR compliance for data exchange and client communication. We would be happy to present netfiles to you in detail in an online demo.

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If you have any questions about netfiles, we will be happy to advise you. Or make an appointment for a short online presentation of netfiles.